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FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h File Reference

#include "RingBuffer.h"

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class  CzplfFFT_If


#define __libzplVecLib_HEADER_INCLUDED__
#define ZASSERT(exp)   ((void)0)


void zplVecLibDispatcher ()
float *ZCDECL * zplfMalloc (int iNumOfFloats)
 void (ZCDECL *zplfFree)(float *&ppfBuffer)
 float (ZCDECL *zplfRealSum)(float *pfSrc
 int (ZCDECL *zplfFFTCreateInstance)(CzplfFFT_If *&pCFFT


int iLengthAsPowOf4
float * pfMax
float int * piIdx
float * pfSrc
float fValue
float fScaleFactor
float * pfDenomSrc
float * pfSrc1
float float * pfSrc2
zCOMPLEX int iRealLengthAsPowOf4
int iBlockLength
int int iZeroPadFactor
int int CzplfFFT_If::_Fft_Windows_ eWindowType

Define Documentation

#define __libzplVecLib_HEADER_INCLUDED__

Definition at line 40 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

#define ZASSERT exp   )     ((void)0)

Definition at line 54 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

Function Documentation

float ZCDECL *  zplfRealSum  ) 

calculate sum of vector

*pfSrc : pointer to buffer for which the sum value is calulated
iLengthAsPowOf4 : length of buffer in float32 values
float : sum over all values

int ZCDECL *  zplfFFTCreateInstance  ) 

creates instance of FFT class

pCFFT : handle to the new class
iBlockLength : audio input block length in floats
iZeroPadFactor : zeropad factor (example: if iBlockLength = 1024 and iZeroPadFactor = 4, the size of the zeropadded FFT will be 4096)
eWindowType : window to be used (see CzplfFFT::_Fft_Windows_)
static int : not 0 in case of error

void ZCDECL *  zplfFree  ) 

free previously allocated memory and set pointer to 0

**ppfBuffer : address of pointer to memory
void :

float* ZCDECL* zplfMalloc int  iNumOfFloats  ) 

allocate heap memory (aligned if required)

iNumOfFloats : number of float32 to allocate
float* : pointer to memory

void zplVecLibDispatcher  ) 

has to be called to initialize zplVecLib (mandatory!)

void zplVecLibDispatcher :

Definition at line 77 of file FEAPIExamplePluginLoudness/zplVecLibDispatch.cpp.

References zplfMalloc().

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Variable Documentation

int int CzplfFFT_If::_Fft_Windows_ eWindowType

Definition at line 344 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

float fScaleFactor

Definition at line 168 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

float fValue

Definition at line 135 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

int iBlockLength

Definition at line 344 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

int iLengthAsPowOf4

Definition at line 211 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

int iRealLengthAsPowOf4

Definition at line 356 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

int int iZeroPadFactor

Definition at line 344 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

zCOMPLEX* pfDenomSrc

Definition at line 245 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

float* pfMax

Definition at line 113 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.


Definition at line 234 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

zCOMPLEX* pfSrc1

Definition at line 268 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

zCOMPLEX float* pfSrc2

Definition at line 257 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

float int* piIdx

Definition at line 113 of file FEAPIExamplePluginZeroCrossings/zplVecLib.h.

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