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FEAPI Plugin Documentation


This is a short tutorial on how to implement a plugin conforming to the Feature Extraction plugin API.
Although the plugin interface is in the C language, the plugin SDK internals are in C++ to ensure API conformance with minimal implementation effort.

Step-by-step tutorial

For the implementation, you need the following SDK files: To make each step more transparent, please refer to the source code of an example plugin (e.g. FindAbsoluteMax).

The following steps are necessary: After these steps, your plugin compiles, but does nothing other than just return the default values on all method calls. To change this behaviour, the methods inherited from CFEAPIBase have to be implemented in your class.

Pure virtual base class methods

To get a working plugin, at least the following methods need to be implemented (for detailed documentation, please refer to the "FEAPI Documentation":

Other virtual base class methods

For implementing a real-world plugin, you will most probably need to override the following methods as well:

Setting input, result and parameter descriptions

To ensure that your plugin returns all descriptions, either for inputs, parameters or results, make sure that you make use of the CPin class, in particular its CPin::SetDescription function to properly set these descriptions.


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