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FEAPIHostDeclarations.h File Reference

Detailed Description

host interface for Feature Extraction // plugin API (FEAPI).

Definition in file FEAPIHostDeclarations.h.

#include "FEAPI.h"

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Data Structures

struct  PluginFunctions_
 avoid multiple header includes More...
struct  PluginFileNames_


typedef PluginFunctions_ FEAPI_PluginFunctions_t
 avoid multiple header includes
typedef PluginFileNames_ FEAPI_PluginFileNames_t

Typedef Documentation

typedef struct PluginFileNames_ FEAPI_PluginFileNames_t

Definition at line 84 of file FEAPIHostDeclarations.h.

Referenced by main().

typedef struct PluginFunctions_ FEAPI_PluginFunctions_t

avoid multiple header includes

structure containing the pointers to the functions of one plugin

Referenced by main().

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